Old study habits die hard.

Study. The one word that lingers in my vocabulary as a plight on my education. Currently I am writing practice essays to help reinforce good study habits. I’m so determined to rid my old ways of procrastination towards my study, that I’ve even set myself difficult topics with due dates. For the next three weeks I have to explain hemodialysis, it’s positive and negative effects and nursing interventions.

Most would say I’m bound for failure.

In the past I have been known as a crammer. The type that writes 3000 word essays in a single evening, or trying to memorize 6 months worth of content for an exam. I became so good at cramming that my essays began to produce half-decent grades of credits, or C if you follow the A to D scale. Ask any university student and they will all agree that a credit for a 3000 word essay, completed in just one night is a good effort when your desperate to hand in something on time, and avoid the 10% penalty mark-down for handing it in late.

Next semester will be different though. If I can write half-decent essays in one evening, who knows what I could do if I actually tried and wrote it over a couple of weeks! Every student that has ever procrastinated knows that changing old study habits is hard, but we must try.

Good luck crammer’s for your exams! May you be successful for your attempts at changing your study habits for next semester.



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