My first Vogue magazine.

I bought my first Vogue magazine last week, and it is as though my whole world has matured by a decades thanks to a perfectly bound thick glossy magazine, which outlines in exquisite detail and class, the most proper way to achieve self perfection. Although we all strive to reach a body we feel we can never have, Vogue has explained in the simplest easy-to-understand ways on achieving clear skin and heightening self worth, more clearly than was ever outlined in teen magazines I read during my early days of adolescents.

I would struggle growing up trying to fit in, constantly feeling as though I was too ugly, too fat, with too much acne. I thought my brown hair was ugly, and my whole body was just flabby fat that would never disappear. Flicking furiously through teen magazines was frustrating,  because looking at those photos of pretty girls with clear skin, opposite to a page saying “your skin will be clear within a week if you use clearasil” and my at home results showing the opposite, often left me disappointed and feeling hopeless.

For years I searched for ways to clear my skin, burn fat, how to make friends (the list goes on), and I would feel like nothing was achieved. Finally though after accepting who I am, I was able to pick up a magazine and figure out what they were truly saying, and looking beyond the words. It is as though the light bulb on how to portray myself to the world has finally switched on and I am have finally found ways to present myself appropriately whilst still feeling comfortable with who I am.

This magazine has also inspired me to bring out a few blogs on how to do simple tasks such as different methods of clearing up your skin, showing which foods are great to eat, and how to become a healthier you.

The December 2012 issue of Vogue Australia (as I live in Melbourne, Victoria) is well worth the read. As the editor explained in her letter in the front of the magazine, this particular issue is aimed to try and captivate their audience so well they will want to hold on to this issue for years to come. Well Ms. Edwina McCann, bravo. You have caught my attention, and I am excited to see what you bring out next.


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