How to exercise without a gym.

Outdoor vs Indoor exercise.Most recently I have been forced to cancel my gym membership, simply because I can no longer afford it. It was certainly heart breaking, but none the less, I have found alternative ways to express my need for exercise. If you need to cut back on some of your expenses and find your gym membership is going to receive the boot, then here a few tips to get in your daily exercise dose without having to pay for a dumbell set and exercise machines.


Unless you own your own cardio machine at home, this will require the most motivation. Why? Running outdoors seems to require more motivation due too the weather patterns that are happening. In winter we seem to go into hibernation and refuse to exercise. I can understand that running in near freezing temperatures can be a little daunting so instead, buy an aerobics DVD or dance around indoors for an hour to get your cardio in. If your brave enough to bear the cold, then make sure you layer up appropriately, as you will warm up once you begin to run. If it’s raining, wear a cap to act as a visor against droplets falling into your eyes. If you do decide to run in the rain remember that unless your running with a raincoat or umbrella, your clothes will get wet which will make it more difficult to move at your regular running speed.

Missing your step classes? Find a set of stairs or a low ledge and use that as your stepping tool. Running and jumping up and down the stairs will be just as effect as the step in a step class. Just make sure your safe and don’t wind up having a nasty fall resulting in an injury.


Don’t own a dumbell set? Instead do push-ups, sit ups, squats; you know, the ‘old school‘ stuff. Need more weight, wear a backpack with canned food in it to give you that extra push. Need more weight for your sit-ups? Find a heavy book.

A great way to make a make-shift weight is getting a bag, and filling it with cans to the desired weight. It feels awkward, but is just as effective. Obviously you can’t use this for all exercise movements, so search on the net for alternative ways to work the muscles you need to workout. I can 100% guarantee you that there will be an exercise for every muscle group that does not require weights.

For the tech savvy, look up free exercise apps. I have a couple and they are amazing. In replacement of my old yoga class, I’m using an app which I can adjust the difficulty level and length of time of my yoga. They have apps for working on different areas of the body too; in fact, they have an app for just about anything!

If you don’t have a gym membership, or need to save on money but feel like you won’t get the workout that challenges your body… have no fear! There are plenty of alternative ways to exercise your body, you just need to stay motivated and be persistent. Experiment with your at home workouts to help find what will challenge you and replenish your exercise cravings. With your hard work for going that extra mile, saving a few dollars will be well worth it.

Stay beautiful.


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