I am addicted to technology.

The first thing I do when I wake up is open my laptop. It has only just occurred to me just how insane that is. It’s any wonder why I feel like I don’t get a lot out of my day, because I literally don’t! Asides from doing a few house chores and going for my run, I will sit on my laptop doing stuff, and 90% of the time it’ll be checking my e-mail or Facebook constantly.

I have to say it. I am addicted to technology.

When I am away from my computer, I’m either on my phone or on my iPad. When I go for my run, I rely on my phone to time my runs and for music. When I’m at uni, I rely on my iPad and the library computers for school work, which is understandble, because it’s uni. My point still remains though. The internet has become such a large database, that accurate up-to-date research would be almost impossible to come across as easily as it is obtained through the world wide web.

When I open my laptop, it is a natural reflex for me to open the internet. These are the pages I will open in order:

  • facebook
  • e-mail
  • youtube
  • wordpress
  • bank

I don’t know what is sadder. Opening up five web tabs at once to check all these pages¬†simultaneously, or the fact that I open Facebook first out of them all.

I did try once to go without Facebook (normally people say quit, but I’m not going too, simply because it makes me feel even more like an addict). Unfortunately I only lasted three weeks, and for some people that is a huge accomplishment. What I found after going three weeks without Facebook, was people stopped talking to me as much. I didn’t get invited out as often, I was ‘forgotten’ when birthday party invitations were sent out. It is almost as if though Facebook has replaced a part in the human mind that allows someone to consciously remember their friends in their social groups. That, or I just have no real friends.

My laptop and other devices are so distracting, that my morning runs have turned into midday runs, or worse, none at all because it’s too late in the evening. I even have to set myself rules so I get things done. My rule for mornings is:

I am not allowed to open any device, unless its my phone and only to listen to music, until after I have gone for a morning run and exercised.

It sounds ridiculous, but that is how addicted to technology I am.

I hope I’m not alone!

Stay beautiful.


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