2012: A year in review.

As promised, I would write about 2012. It wouldn’t be necessary to write about the world events that have happened over the past 12 months, so instead I’ll just tell you what I have accomplished this year.

January: I officially moved off campus and in with my partner, Steve. I also travelled through the centre of Australia with my mother, and then meet up with Steve in Melbourne. This was also when I decided to move to Melbourne with Steve.

February: I turned the ripe old age of 21 and threw a B.Y.O alcohol bowling party in celebration. I also moved again into a new apartment with Steve and our good friend Kim. I also got a gym membership, and got a second job as a re-leaving carer.

March: University began, and I started with a personal trainer. I quit my first job at a nursing home.

April: I changed my diet, and begin to lose body fat. University placements begin for three weeks.

May: Finally receive my certificate in the mail for completing my Phlebotomy skill set to assist in my future nursing career.

June: Begin to look for work in Melbourne, and prepare for the move. We then move at the end of the month. Resign as a re-leaving carer.

July: Steve and I are living in Melbourne and we both find work. I am no longer on government support, and have to defer for the new semester to successfully transfer universities.

August: Begin saving for my first volunteer service in South Africa. Sign up to VTAC to register to enrol in my new university.

September: Make course selections in VTAC to transfer my degree to a new university.

October: Sit a university entrance exam. I begin my first blog. Yay!

November: Entrance exam results are released. I passed! Phew. The following week the university offers are released, and I am invited to attend Monash University, which I accepted.

December: I attend enrolment day at Monash University, and begin the tedious process of transferring university credits across. I also get my first job interview for a phlebotomist position, and spend my first Christmas away from family, but instead with Steve’s family in Melbourne.

The year seemed to fly by, but after looking back and seeing what I had achieved each month, it feels like I’ve had a very busy year indeed. Even though 2012 is coming to an end, take the time to reflect on your achievements.

Merry Christmas, and have a safe and happy new year everyone!

Stay beautiful.


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