Haul or Nothing: Sportsgirl

During the Christmas holidays I had received a gift voucher for Sportsgirl. Normally I wouldn’t spend so much money in this type of store but seeing as I had a $100 gift voucher I made it my mission to spend it.

I had 30 minutes to find something to wear, whether it be clothing or accessories, and $100 to spend.

Here’s what I found:

Mesh crew neck sweat shirt - Dark Kahki

Mesh crew neck sweat shirt in dark khaki: $49.95 $34.96

Silk lolita sleeveless shirt - White

Silk lolita sleeveless shirt in white: $79.95 $59.95

Spliced square studs - Turquoise

Spliced square studs in turquoise: $4.95 $3.46

Overall I saved about $35, and managed to gather together a near complete outfit. Teaming this up with a pair of jeans and a cute pair of shoes, we’ll have a great casual outfit which would be perfect for school or just hanging out with friends. It’ll be great for when it begins to get slightly colder once summer comes to a close.

Keep an eye out for ‘Haul or Nothing: Topshop’.

Stay beautiful!


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