Haul or Nothing: Topshop

The same day I went to Sportsgirl and did my haul or nothing challenge, I also went to Topshop. I also had $100 to spend but allowed myself an hour to do so. This is only because I have only bought something from Topshop once, and wanted a little extra time to browse. Here’s what I was able to gather together in that time.

Cape pussybow blouse - Teal

Cape pussybow blouse in teal: $69.00 $21.00

Ribbed scuba invert skirt - Navy blue

Ribbed scuba invert skirt in navy blue: $65.00 $33.00

Ladder stripe sweat shirt - Cream

Ladder stripe sweat shirt in cream: $50.00 $15.00

Overall I saved a huge $115! This goes to show the power of hunting for a bargain. Although it was end of season sales, I was still able to find great clothes that can be worn through most of the year. These will also be great for going to school in or with the right accessories, hanging out with friends at the bar.

Stay beautiful.


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