Moving out of Home: House mates

Now that we have a great budget, the next most important thing to consider when you’re moving out of home is if you’re going to be sharing with other people. I understand that some people like their space and enjoy solitude, but it’s definitely worth considering getting a room mate just to make rent a little bit cheaper, and having the ability to split bills. Anything extra other than that is a bonus.

Something to remember when deciding on your potential room mate is if you decide to live with friends, you may discover your friends true personality. In some cases, the decision to move in with your friend could make or break your relationship. If you don’t have a tolerance for something small that they do, remember you will be living with them for the duration of the lease agreement, and may get tired of their annoying habit very quickly. You want to also ensure that they do not move out of the apartment before the lease agreement has finished, and you’re left with paying for all the rent for the remainder of the agreement.¬†Sometimes the best room mates are people you haven’t even met before, but before you move in with them make sure you inspect the apartment first, and have a conversation to see if you’ll get along or know you’ll be able to tolerate them.

If you do also decide to share, you then have to consider food and splitting the bills. In my own experience, splitting the bills equally is best, and buying your own food is better. Buying your own food is a good idea because you may only need to spend $50 a week on food, whilst your room mate spends $100. Last thing you want to do is split the food between each other, and you’re paying for more than you actually eat.

Next thing is choose someone that is clean, or at least equally as clean as you. This way they will either help clean the house, or help you clean it. I’m a fairly clean person myself, but I used to live with someone in university that had severe allergies and she always made sure the house was spotless. It was great. Not saying I never cleaned, I still did things such as the bathroom and my bedroom (sometimes), but it’s always a bonus when someone does most of it for you. I’ll cover how to split up house work in more detail later though.

Finally if you are in a situation where you have to live by yourself, then all I can say is, make sure you can afford it or just try and live at home as long as you can. There is nothing worse than having a bad rental history.

Stay beautiful.


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