Valentine’s Day with minimal effort.

I have made a point in my relationship to not celebrate our anniversary or Valentine’s day. In the past, these two days have felt like omens upon any relationship I’ve been in and would signal the end of the relationship. There is no denying the whole thought of that is strange, but for me these two days that are supposed to be filled with love, have produced themselves to be a sign that this relationship will soon come to an end and propel me back into single life.

Now that I have been in a successful and happy relationship for over two years, I no longer feel the fear of total relationship destruction. It could also be that I made it a point to not make a big deal on our anniversary or Valentine’s day, and maybe even say we skipped it for the year. Now when I say we skipped it, that doesn’t mean we  made zero effort to see each other, instead we just treated it like a normal day. We wake up, get on with whatever business we have for that day and don’t plan anything special. No presents, no flowers, no dates. Just a simple ‘I love you’, kiss and cuddle is all that’s needed.

This year though I think I might make a little extra effort. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with to make that day a little extra special without needing to plan too far ahead.

Blanket fort around the TV

  • Make a blanket fort around the TV and watch movies.

Who hasn’t made a blanket fort around the TV and watched a movie? Pizza and popcorn anyone?

Museum of Natural History New York

  • Visit the zoo or museum.

I don’t know about you, but the zoo and museum would be so much fun. Bonus points if you get in for free.

Breakfast in bed.

  • Surprise breakfast.

Everyone loves to have their favourite breakfast foods in bed. Personally, I love bacon, eggs and hash browns. Yum!

Sticky notes.

  • Leave love notes everywhere.

Although it sounds creepy, your loved one will get a small fuzzy feeling. Just avoid places like the bin or toilet, it gets a little strange then.

Degraves st, Melbourne

  • Go down a street with lots of cafes and just pick a place.

This is a gamble and it does require money, but saves you time and effort of pre-booking. This way you both get to choose and can see if the restaurant is popular that day.

Picnic date

  • Go to the park and play.

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or blistering hot, kicking a ball or throwing a frisbee is fun. Team this up with a picnic of things in your cupboard or fridge.

Boy picking flowers.

  • Block of chocolate and hand picked flowers.

Picking flowers was cute when you where 6 years old, and it’s still cute when your 60 years old. Also, a block of chocolate is just as good as a box, sometimes better. Your loved one will appreciate the gift and the thought behind it.

I hopes this helps you out this Valentine’s Day.

Stay Beautiful.


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