Pet Peeves

Everybody has pet peeves, and these are a few of mine, some more recent than others. Enjoy!

Dirty kitchen sink

A dirty sink

There is nothing worse than going to do the washing up and looking down and seeing a dirty sink. Now I’m not talking about a couple of things in the sink obstructing any realistic expectation of washing up, because it takes two seconds to pull that out and/or put it in the dishwasher. What I’m talking about is you physically seeing the grime left in the sink.

Here’s an example; you let your frying pan soak for a little while with water before washing up, so it’s easier to wash away the food that’s stuck to it. The person that decides to wash it for you, pours out the water into the sink, quickly washes the frying pan and then walks off leaving behind the sink a total mess, not bothering to wash away the dirty water that is now covering the sink or putting in the bin whatever is clogging up the drain hole.

This annoys me so much because it takes two seconds to unclog the sink and wash it out so it’s clean. If you don’t, then that sink has just become a breeding ground for germs and a national attraction to the local wildlife (bugs). It’s disgusting to look at, and just as disgusting to discover after you realise it’s been like that for over 12 hours.

I’m ok with a messy bedroom, lounge room or whatever; but the two rooms in the house that must be clean are the kitchen and bathroom, especially the sinks!

Not listening

Headphones in and making no effort to listen

I work as a checkout cashier at a grocery store, and this store is located within a major train station in Melbourne. It’s not the most impressive job, but it’s getting me by for now till I graduate from uni. One type of customer I get often is the person that refuses to remove their head phones when it’s clear I’m trying to ask them a few questions to finalise their order.

I get it, some people just don’t want that social interaction; but what is annoying is when you’re talking to them and they respond with a “WHAT?!” like their 60 years older, and they keep doing this trying to listen to what you’re saying without taking off their headphones. People! Pull off the headphones, or at least one if you have ear buds in, and just answer the questions of whether or not you want a receipt or bag with that. We don’t want to ask you just as much as you don’t want to answer, but it’s policy for most stores to ask these questions in order to make your customer experience the best experience. Have a nice day!

Traffic jam

Not indicating when your driving

Anyone that has a licence to drive a car knows that indication when turning in any direction is important. It stops you from being completely at fault when someone hits you when your trying to merge lanes or slow down to turn off the road. Not to mention, it’s also to let everyone know what your doing so the can anticipate your actions.

I soon begun to realise that in some places, particularly the entire city of Melbourne, indication is either non-existant or optional. Since when has this been optional? The indicators on your vehicle are not an extra feature that you got for free when you bought it. You actually have to use that part in order to be a safe driver. Please people, for the sake of public safety, always indicate when you’re driving! This includes when you’re on a roundabout!

The game that got saved over.

Saving over or erasing a saved game

This was something that happened to me all the time when the Playstation first came out. At the time, my cousins and I lived with my grandparents, and so I had to share my toys (against my will). I was an only child, so sharing was new to me. I used to play Crash Bandicoot religiously, and I had put a lot of hours in to one particular game trying to get to the last level.

One day, my cousins begged me to play this game, and reluctantly I said yes ONLY if they saved their game in a new game slot. I wasn’t going to play on the playstation that day because I was going to the beach with our neighbours, so sharing wasn’t so much of an issue at the time. Later when I got home to play my game I noticed they saved over the save slot on my memory card that was being used for the game. The save slot that had all my gaming hours on it. The save slot that had all but the final level of the game to complete. This is the only time I’ve raged over such a thing, but it was so infuriating at the time. It’s the equivalent feeling of writing up a 4000 word essay, putting your heart and soul in to it just to get the best possible mark, and then the computer loses the file and you realise you didn’t have a back-up copy saved somewhere. Argh!!!

Nowadays, I don’t get so worked up when this happens, just because it is such a rare thing in this day and age with the technology we have. It’s still pretty annoying when it does happen though. Now I’ve learnt to get just a little bit annoyed, and then shrug it off and say “oh well, let’s start again”.


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