Berry Banana Smoothie

Sometimes I struggle getting two fruits into each day, so I make a fruit smoothie to cheat this process and make it less of a chore.

My ingredients.

You will need:

  • Banana
  • Frozen or fresh berries
  • Yoghurt (I use Jalna’s Bio-dynamic Organic Yoghurt)
  • Low fat milk (I love drinking Rev)

Let’s get moving!

Banana and berries

If you have frozen berries, start blending these with the banana.


Add your yogurt.


Gradually add milk till it’s to your ideal thickness.



Stay beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Berry Banana Smoothie

  1. Have you tried raw milk? – it’s not cheap but wow you can really taste the difference, it’s so creamy! In the health food stores there are some, but still I don’t think they are that good – you have to get it from the markets. Luckily here we have a farmer that comes directly to the markets in Miami and has the best milk, I have tasted since they had them in glass bottles.

    • Sadly no! The farmers market is too far from where I live, but if I get the chance I’ll certainly jump at it 🙂

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