The Inner Troll

Asides from blogging on wordpress, I also love to watch youtube videos. If I had it my way, I would be making all my blogs into video form! The only reason why I don’t do this though is because I feel like I sound too Australian.

Let’s get one thing clear when I mention this. In no way am I not proud to be from Australia or to have my accent; instead I think my Australian accent is just a little bit too much. Here’s my theory as to why.

I grew up in country Australia for the better part of my life, and like ANY nationality around the world, people that live in the country talk differently to those that live in the city. When I moved to the city people said I sounded funny and called me all sorts of names for it. In the past couple of years whilst I’ve been at uni, people from other countries actually ask me what country I’m from because they haven’t heard a country Australian accent.

To me this is all weird, and I know I’m over thinking it, but every time I try to make some sort of a video, or speak through an amplifier, I am constantly thinking about how I sound to other people. When I introduce myself I’ll even be consciously thinking “ok Nicole try not to lay your accent on so thick this time.”

This all came about after watching a video by Anna Akana. She goes on to creatively describe her inner critic and how she’s begun to deal with it. Then it just dawns on me. I’m not the only one!

If you ever find yourself over-analysising something your doing, STOP. Recognise what you’re doing and change that habit, because your worst critic will always be yourself. Defeat your inner troll!

Stay beautiful.


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