Moving out of Home: Location

Ok so by now you’ve saved enough money to move out of home with a killer budget, and you’ve given thought into who you want to live with. Now you need to decide where your going to live.

Deciding where you want to live will determine how much rent will cost and how far you’ll need to travel for things such as work, uni and grocery shopping. Your budget will also be a good guide as to what you can and can not afford.

First things first. Do not begin looking for an apartment to rent months before the date you plan to move out. The only thing this will achieve is give you a basic understanding of how much rent will cost in that area at that time. Nothing else. You want to begin searching and applying for your apartment within two weeks of your planned moving out date. We do this so we can apply for the apartment we like as we inspect. It shows the real estate your ready to move in and pay for your bond immediately. It’s very rare (in other words, simply does not happen) for any real estate to hold an apartment till a specific date for their new tenants to move in. On top of all this, have all your paper work sorted and ready to go.

To put it very bluntly, if you don’t have your shit sorted, someone will get that lease before you.

The following will increase the price of rent too:

  • living near a body of water (i.e. lake, river, beach)
  • height within an apartment building
  • pools, spas, saunas, gyms, barbecue areas
  • extra bathrooms, bedrooms, internal laundries, balconies, study
  • something convenient located nearby (supermarket, schools, work places, restaurants, bars)

Basically, the more dense the population of the area, the more expensive rent will be. So if you plan on living in the heart of the city, you better have the money.

So there you go! Location for rent in a nut shell. Good luck!

Stay beautiful.


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