Chocolate highs, expanding thighs: Surviving Easter

Easter eggs

Easter is just around the corner and you know exactly what that means. Chocolate, and lots of it.

It certainly is no secret that I enjoy a good chocolate indulgence (most of my cake recipes are chocolate flavoured!) but this time of year can be very dangerous to my fitness progress. Two years ago I completely let go at easter time, and ate a disgusting amount of chocolate over the course of a week and gained 5kg! I didn’t even think gaining that much weight in a week was possible. I’m also certain that most of us can mutually agree that along with New Years and Christmas, Easter is also a holiday were we tend to eat way too much.

So if you enjoy your chocolate but don’t want to gain the pounds with it, here are some of my best tips to ensure your sweet tooth is satisfied without having to sacrifice your thighs.

  • Pace yourself whilst eating. Allow your body to digest it’s meal, so take your time eating.
  • Keep a mental note on how much sugar your consuming. This way your more conscious of how much your eating, and will be more inclined to choose healthier options.
  • Freeze your chocolate stash. What ever you don’t eat, put it in the freezer. That way you can have a small chocolate treat over the next few weeks (or months if the Easter bunny was kind to you this year).
  • Don’t skip the exercise. If you wish, add in a few extra sessions. You can do this by going for a walk to the park or having a bike ride.
  • Never forget to drink water regularly.

Stay beautiful.


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