February Favs

Dutch Bicycle

Dutch Bicycles

I am in love with dutch bicycles (or beach cruiser) at the moment. With the beginning of the semester right around the corner, I’ve been looking for a bicycle to ride to and from the train station whilst going to class. Why on earth would I need a bike? Well I travel from one side of the city to the other to get to university at the moment, and a one way trip takes me up to two hours. Having a bike will cut at least 30 minutes off that travel time, but sadly they aren’t cheap new. Don’t worry I’m scouting one as we speak off gumtree and ebay.

Pump It Up

Workout DVDs

I know! It screams cheese, but I love their workout DVDs! 30 minutes in the workout and I’ll be dripping with sweat. The best part is I don’t have to share my uncoordinated dance ability with the entire gym class! Ministry of Sound is my favourite at the moment.


Study Apps

To get on top of things early and get ahead, I’ve taken the liberty of beginning my study early. I am a huge app lover and two apps I have been using most are Flashcardlet and Brainscape. These two apps work like prompt cards. You can make your own cards with questions on subjects your studying and then you can test yourself! Flashcardlet creates the cards, whilst Brainscape will communicate the flash card program and shuffle the cards testing you on the cards you get least correct more often. You don’t need to download both in order for them to be effective, but Brainscape is great for tracking your progress.

Glass of water

Drinking water

It seems relatively simple. I’ve been drinking loads of water and I am defiantly seeing the benefits from it. In fact, the only new years resolution I made this year was to drink more water. I don’t like the whole idea of resolutions simply because I never end up keeping them, so instead I made a really simple one. Since I’ve begun drinking at least 2L of water a day, I’ve noticed that I barely get any pimples and that I don’t get cravings for as many sugary treats as I used too. It’s fantastic!

Garnier Clean Detox Foaming Scrub

Garnier Skin Naturals Clean Detox Gentle Foaming Scrub

This scrub is amazing. Never has my skin felt so clean and smooth on a daily basis. Since I begun using it, my face has almost cleared up completely. The best thing about it is, unlike most facial scrubs, this one has gentle beads to massage into the skin, so you can use it safely every couple of days. It’s also lemon scented so you always smell a lemon freshness. This is definitely a scrub I recommend ladies to try.


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