Moving out of Home: Furniture

Students Bedroom

When you have a rough idea on how much space you’ll have in your new apartment, furniture selection will come easily.

When selecting your furniture, you want to keep in mind how much you want to spend and how new you’d like it to be. If you want to buy a brand new TV cabinet and lounge chairs, then be prepared to pay at least a couple of thousand. If you don’t mind second hand furniture though, then you’ll have a much more realistic price to consider. Here are my best tips of where to find descent enough furniture for reasonable prices.


Now before you cringe and click away thinking “screw that idea”, just read what I have to say. Yes, ebay does have a few questionable sales, but you can find an auction for just about anything, so you have the chance to halve the price of what ever your buying. Not to mention there are some online stores that only run through ebay that have some great pieces for a third of the price. I highly recommend looking at the store Furnish my Life if you live within Australia. They do loads of auctions for brand new items, and their furniture is of a decent quality. If you live outside Australia then I recommend doing a search on google for online stores that run through ebay that would delivery to your area.


Although some of the quality and prices of the furniture is questionable, if your patient enough you will find a steal. My partner and I recently bought our new couch of Gumtree for $400, and it’s a five seater cream suede modular that’s less than six months old. We got it for such a good price that I felt bad for taking it so cheap. So don’t rule out gumtree completely because you may find a diamond among the rough.

Second hand stores and auctions

These are located in almost any major city. Make sure you check out police auctions and thrift stores because you’ll never know what you might find.

Family and friends

Especially if your living out of home during university, finding furniture through family and friends is a huge money and time saver. I’ve had international friends that have been so desperate to get rid of their furniture because they were unable to sell it in time, that they’ve given whole trucks worth of goods away for free. The last share apartment I lived in, we only invested in a TV cabinet, desk and bookcase; everything else we managed to find for free and invested around $150-$200 in total for anything close to new.


Before you take a trip to Ikea, consider other cheap stores that sell a bit of everything. If you live in the United States, Walmart; if you live within Australia, Sam’s Warehouse or Crazy Clarks. Even though the furniture in these places can get to dirt cheap prices, they will be good until you decide to upgrade. Especially if you’re a uni student then these are the places you visit FIRST before you decide to look at stores like Ikea, if you’re not willing to go second hand.

Good luck on your furniture hunt!

Stay beautiful.


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