Why have I been neglecting you?


I have been very slack the past couple of weeks and it’s due to university starting back for the semester. Sadly because of the location of the campus I have all my classes, time has been scarce when it comes to paying attention to my blog. I travel two hours on the train just to get to uni, and then on top of this I have been working lots of hours to save for my South Africa trip in January.

With all of this though, I have been planning on writing some rather interesting articles. Along with my weekly photo challenges, I have been developing some new vegan recipes and create-your-own easter eggs. I also managed to set up an interview with an excellent dietician to tell us all some basic tips to keeping a good diet. I’ve even begun to plan some blogs around different diseases and disorders thanks to my study this semester.

So please don’t fret my lovely readers! Even though I’ve been away I certainly have not forgotten you all, and more exciting content will be coming very soon!

Stay beautiful.


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