Rocky Road Easter Eggs

It’s Good Friday here in Australia, signalling the start of Easter, and as promised, I would deliver you my DIY easter eggs. This is really quick, simple and fun cooking activity for everyone of all ages. Highly recommend getting your kids involved, as this recipe requires no stoves or ovens!

When I was living with my grandparents when I was ten years old, my Nanna and I would make rocky road all the time (along with some other goodies that are yet to be revealed!), and today I’m taking that recipe and making chocolate eggs out of it.

Easter Egg Ingrediants

You will need lots of chocolate and sweets! I’ve included marshmallows, snakes, and granulated peanuts. I’m also using dark and milk chocolate.

So much chocolate

Melt the chocolate in the microwave, stirring it every 10-15 seconds. If you are using a combination of dark and milk chocolate, then you want a 1:3 ratio, 1/3 dark and 2/3 milk chocolate.

Melted chocolate

Make sure it’s nice and runny. Yum!

Mix your ingredients

In a separate bowl add your ingredients. Make sure you cut up the snakes into smaller pieces.

Add your chocolate

Take your chocolate egg moulds and start pouring the chocolate in.

Garnished easter eggs

When the moulds are full, garnish them with some sprinkles or more granulated nuts and stick them in the fridge for a good 30 minutes to an hour to make sure the chocolate sets.

Easter eggs!

And ta daa! Your very own chocolate easter eggs! If your making these for a dinner party, dress them up by place them in a whisky or wine glass with other colour full eggs. Or if they’re a gift, wrap them in clear cellophane and tie them off with a cute ribbon.

If you’re wondering where I got these egg moulds, then you can buy them online at Roberts Confectionary for less than $5 each.

Stay beautiful.


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