You’re ready for this.

"What happened?!"

I have been awful at updating my blog for the past year. The neglect has not been in vain though. Currently I am studying to be a nurse, and this year is my final year. My. Final. Year.


You have no idea how those three words bring me the greatest feeling of joy and achievement… at the same time though I’m shitting bricks. A bit blunt? It’s the honest truth.

This year our studies are (as expected) catered towards more life threatening scenarios. Think patient is bleeding out everywhere for some strange reason after they’ve been admitted back from surgery. With these scenarios we are training and studying to react quickly and appropriately in order stabilise the condition and figure out why they are spraying the ceiling with blood.

It is all so incredibly intimidating to think that in less then 12 months I’ll be responsible more making these life saving calls. The mind begins to over-analyze and think deeply into why this is all happening and what exactly is the first priority in an emergency situation. By the end of all our labs you can see the looks of half the students faces are that of panic and possibly on the verge of tears; because at the end of the day, this profession is something we have worked so hard to be apart of, yet the responsibility we’re going to take on is substantial. It would be like an acrobat walking a tight rope for the first time without a safety net or wires to catch them when they fall.

Then that nursing instinct that has been drilled into our heads, day after day, class after class, finally kicks in. The fear of failing flee’s and you begin trying to stop the bleeding and call for help because essentially if you don’t, this person will die. You realise that even though nursing school is coming to an end and the big bad world is out there waiting, you’re ready.

This has been my emotional roller coaster ride, and it’s only during class! Granted… the odds of someone spraying the walls with blood are highly unlikely, but the chances of walking in on someone going into shock and crashing are very real.

If you are also studying nursing, or even medicine for that matter, and are terrified for life after graduation, you are not alone. Just remember, in health we work as a team. There will always be someone there to help you regardless on your experience level.

Stay confident in yourself, have faith in your knowledge, you’re ready for this.

Stay beautiful.


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