6 Beginner Tips To Being Organised

Keep a diary

Keep a Diary

It doesn’t matter if it’s a little pocket diary or an electronic diary, keeping a dated diary on you will help you become organised for any event thrown at you. The only way the diary will work though is if you are consistent in checking and updating it. Party this friday night? Write it down. Work next tuesday? Write it down. Sunday lunch with the family in the morning then a spin class that night? Write. It. Down.

Got the picture?

If you’re worried about the bulk of a book in your bag then use the calendar on your smart phone or tablet, and set it up so that if you have both they will automatically sync when updated. A diary is a master organisers’ biggest weapon.



This is such a handy thing if you’re a huge cooking fan, but like to place all your ingredients in tupperware containers in the pantry. Invest in a label maker and label each tupperware box with it’s contents. I don’t personally do this too often, but when I do it will normally be my first aid kit I made for the home. If you’ve ever seen a crash cart in the hospital, that’s normally along the lines of how I organise my kit, but excluding the morphine and needles of course!

This photo is by Organising the four of us and she would have to be the Queen of home organisation… hands down.

MUJI acrylic draws

Plastic Draws and Spice Racks

Make-up fans, this one is specifically for you! Over the past two years my make-up collection has grown from owning a single eyeliner and mascara to more than needed for a single face, and storage has been a pain. I went to MUJI (I am obsessed with this store at the moment) and invested in a set of 3 tier acrylic draws, which fit all of my make-up perfectly.

If you have loads of nail polish then grab a spice rack and store your favourite colours on the spice rack in your room and box up the colours you never use. It’ll look clean, neat and you’ll bonus points if you can make a rainbow!

Keep a 'To Do' List

The ‘To Do’ List

If you don’t like diaries, then try a ‘To Do’ list. If you know you have a busy day ahead of you then write a list of all the things you need to complete the day before and cross it off as you go. My Mum used to do this ALL the time when ever we had to move house. She would label each with a day of the week and then write down what needed to be done in that day. By the time the moving truck arrived all we had to do was load the truck and start the road trip to the new house.

shopping list

Food Shopping

Food shopping is probably the most annoying chore to do in my house. We don’t have a car, so we have to walk home with the shopping and only buy what we can carry. Sure it’s great we’re being active and environmentally friendly, but often we can become so busy during the week that we just don’t have the time to walk 20 minutes to the supermarket and home again.

The best way to get around doing enormous food shops is by keeping a pen and note pad stuck to the fridge door. If you run out of an item in the kitchen, write it down. Next time you leave the house, take 5 minutes to duck into the supermarket to grab the items on that list. You won’t have to do a massive food shop ever again, and everyone in the household will be able to chip in with it. Stick to it though, otherwise the list will just grow till you have nothing left to eat.

Studying in the library.


Being organised with assignments and homework is a skill that can be fine tuned with discipline and determination. When you get your assignment, sit down and write a plan on how you will complete it. For example, you could set a topic that needs to be researched one week, then the following week you write 1/3 of the body, second week 2/3 of the body, third week the remainder of the assignment, fourth week you format and re-read it before submission.

Trust me. I understand that this is easier said than done, but I have tried and tested this method and it can be done. Stay focused on sticking to your plan and you won’t find yourself cramming the night before trying to complete the essay.

Stay beautiful.


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