5 Life Lessons from my Mum

Mother and child

It sounds a little ridiculous to say this but I can’t believe how much my Mum has taught me over the years. Even when I didn’t really think I was learning something and thought she was just acting strange or weird, turns out I learnt a valuable lesson and it only took me about… errr… 10 years or so to catch on.

I can see my Mother face palming now and just saying “I told you I wasn’t doing it for no reason.”

So without further hesitation on my part, here are my top 5 life lessons I have learnt from my Mum.

 5. “It takes two seconds.”

This is a saying I would often here Mum say when it came to keeping the house clean.

“Nic, it takes two seconds to just rinse the plate.”

“It takes two seconds to put your dirty clothes in the clothes basket.”

“Nic, it takes TWO BLOODY SECONDS to hang up the tea towel.”

And you know what… she has a point.

4. “When in doubt, chuck it out.”

My Mum is an OH&S officer, so you can imagine our house was always schmick. This especially applied to our food. Mum was full of great tips to do with food prep and making it last. In fact, just the other day I was complaining how our sandwich meats always go off before we finish it. Her tip was to buy the single serve packs and freeze them. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

Her other great tip was always “when in doubt, chuck it out.” That means that if you’re not sure if the food is edible anymore, just get rid of it. Not once have I ever given self food poisoning because of it too… not that I’m that bad at telling if food is off… you get the point!

3. “You’re big enough to do it yourself.”

Harsh, but fair. Once I started high school Mum basically made me do all my own washing, ironing and cooking. I always thought she was just forcing me to do more house work. Turns out she was just prepping for when I move out of home… and boy am I grateful. I now know how to remove most stains from clothes and fix discolouration, and I can actually cook food that isn’t bland, boring or burnt. Good on ya Mum!

2. “Bulk buy it if it’s cheap.”

If buying in bulk was an Olympic sport, I promise you that my Mum would bring home the Gold every single time. Now buying in bulk doesn’t mean food or drink… unless your having a large amount of guests over for dinner. Bulk buying for Mum comes in the form of soap and toilet paper. Mum is a massive fan of Dove soap and 3 ply Kleenex toilet paper. Once Dove soap went on sale for 50c a bar, so Mum completely lost her mind. She bought 100 bars of soap.

100. Bars. Of. Soap.

I seriously thought she was mental. “Mum, you don’t need 100 bars of soap.”

“Does it go off? “No.” “Then why are you complaining?”

Again, she has a point. She was such a chronic bulk buying machine that we had about 50 packs of the 3 ply Kleenex toilet paper in a 24 pack size under our house in the garage. That’s over 1000 rolls of toilet paper! We literally didn’t have to buy toilet paper for over 5 years.

1. “Prior preparation prevents a piss poor performance.”

This literally translated into get ready a day early or an hour early and you should never go wrong. This is literally my Mum’s life motto and possibly one of the best life lessons she has given me.

Stay beautiful.


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